Tommy and Iggie

Oriental Shorthair

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California, United States

Posted May 16, 2015

I've had two cats of this breed, Tommy Boy and Igor, and both of them were absolutely my babies. Although we brought them home a month independently of each other, Tommy was only five weeks old and Iggie's ears hadn't even completely opened yet. I feel it right to mention that this is NEVER EVER, EVER RECOMMENDED! Never ever. Eight weeks minimum, twelve weeks BEST. They came to us after their mothers had disappeared on them, so I bottle fed and raised them from that point. In spite of this, they both grew into perfect cats with little or no behavioral problems that I could see.

We are all convinced that Tommy Boy thinks he is a dog. He behaves well with cats he knows, but he plays best with dogs. He even, surprisingly, got along with my grandma's grumpy mutt. Our family, collectively, has a pack of small dogs, and when we all get together, Tommy is happily in the center. Most of his energy is expended on them.

Other times, Tommy's best skills are looking handsome and sentry guard. He'd allowed in and out of the house, and no matter where he is, he proudly sits on a wall (or window sill) and watches.

Iggie (no longer with us) didn't enjoy too much attention from many animals. She wasn't aggressive, but she just preferred to lounge alone. She loved snuggling up with our smallest dog, though. And me. On the computer? Watching TV? In your lap or blocking the screen. And when she got playful, it was best not to ignore her for other things, or else you'll have a cat rocketing around the house at top speed. In the middle of the night. I know cats are a little bit nocturnal, but I sometimes believed she waited for that on purpose.

Both cats have great communication skills and really got their points across. Iggie usually had a dainty little meow, despite her breed, but she'd go on and on and on. Tommy, when outside, will MOWWW and crawl up the screen until you let him in. After that, it's like he's updating you on everything that went on outside. Everything.

And, finally, constant shedding. Don't slack on taking care of that fur or else you'll see it everywhere.

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