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The Oriental Shorthair (Filipino) Cat


6045, Philippines

Posted Apr 22, 2014

I have raised my three (3) cats for more than five (5) years. These cats actually belong to three (3) generations. The eldest female cat was the first cat I adopted as a pet. I then allowed it to breed and she gave birth to two (2) female kittens. My parents got worried that if we continue to raise these female kittens and allow them to continually breed, then our house will be filled with cats. So, I gave one (1) of these kittens to a neighbor. The other female kitten then grew up and gave birth to the youngest cat in our house, a male shorthair.

My mother has asthma. The doctor recommended that we evict the cats from the house. The cats fur can cause irritation of the sensitive respiratory tract for individuals with obstructive pulmonary disease.

But we just can't evict them. We had developed an emotional attachment to our kitties. So we had to impose a strict house rule for cats: No cats allowed upstairs! No cats allowed in the bedroom! By this manner, our kitties could not spread their tiny hairs all over the mattresses and pillows and aggravate my mother's asthma.

After some time, my cats got sick. They contracted cat's colds. They suffer from runny nose, congested nasal tracts and sneezing. Since they cannot smell the food given to them, they would not eat it. I thought this will ultimately lead to their demise. I planned to bring them to the vet for a check-up. I was only surprised to find out that after about three (3) days, their condition improved and their appetite for food returned. I also noticed that it is important to always give them water during periods of sickness. Runny nose will likely lead to dehydration and can cause death.

I am amazed by the marvel of cats. They can detect the slightest of sounds and even the most subtle of movements. Their eyes can easily pick out the sound of mice and track their location. I highly recommend having cats as pets. You will surely not regret it!

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