Draga pisicâ Loes


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Mesmerizing look, beautiful, elegant, playfull, sociable, naughty devoted


6595BG, Netherlands

Posted Jun 16, 2012

Mesmerizing look, beautiful, elegant, playfull, sociable, naughty and people focussed, this all together in a spotted coat is the ocicat.
Cheerful and active, if Ocicat Lucie wants to examine an objects she will put it between her paws to smell and find out what it is. This summer she examined a couple of bees up close and this obviously led a some stings in her paws.
Loes loves to talk, she will tell you lots of stories. The amazing things is that after a while you will actually understand what she has to say. She will give a specific miaw when she is hungry and I can actually tell the difference wether she wants dry or wet food! And if she wants to go outside and the catflap is closed she will also give a specific sounding miaw. She will tell the other cats off if they do something she considers inappropriate (and in such a way that its obvious that she is really not happy with them)
Loes is adorable and curious but is clearly the top-cat in the house and loves to groom the others.
Sometimes i catch her staring for hours at a specific spot when a mouse has found a hiding spot. Of course she brings to mouse to me very proudly, when i has caught it.
Hoever, her most favourite past time is to lie on a lap and be stroked. She enjoys this with her eyes closed and Loes is so adorable that she is to me a once in a lifetime cat.
I would not be able to tell what is a negative side of the Ocicat whether it should be that they are always in your neighborhood, and follows you everywhere like a shadow. Sometimes you accidentally stand on a beautiful oiciat claw and you get an angry look of an Ocicat in pain.

An Ocicat ia a Gorgeous cat

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