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My awesome ocicat, Boris.


Hamilton, Montana, United States

Posted Aug 22, 2014

I got Boris as a kitten for my 16th birthday. I had done a report for Biology class on ocelots - a wild cat native to South America - the year before and had been obsessed with them ever since. I even made a trip to the zoo in Washington D.C. to see the ocelots that they had there. I loved their markings and coloring, they were beautiful little wild cats. As a result, the tiny little ocicat kitten that I got that year for my birthday was the best present I could have hoped for. Ocicats aren't related to wild ocelots in any way, but they do look just like them with regards to color and markings.

Boris is an awesome cat, though he is much more reclusive now that he is getting older. As a kitten, he was extremely active and hyper, and of course - super cute. We waited to get him fixed until he was almost a year old. By then, he weighed 15 pounds - and was very muscular. He has always been a very healthy, and very well-behaved cat. In general, he loves people and is very friendly, though that has been less the case in the past couple of years.

He loves the water (weird, right?) When he was younger, he used to jump into the bathtub when I was taking a shower. He loves to get a bath in the tub - I put a couple of inches of water in the tub and he lays down in the water and purrs while I wash him. Also, he has never hissed in his life. Sometimes he growls - when he is playing with a catnip mouse, or sometimes when strangers are in the house until he gets a chance to check them out.

He is very playful - loves cat toys, straws, makeup brushes, and especially catnip. He hides his "toys" under the couch - once I even found half of the Christmas ornaments stashed under there after taking the tree down. Whenever I eat strawberry ice cream, he climbs up onto my shoulder so that he can try to get to the bite in the spoon before me. He has never been a finicky eater, skittish, or unfriendly.

He does really well with other animals, and when we got a kitten from the shelter two years ago, he treated her like his own little baby - washing her, snuggling her, even noticeably reprimanding her when she would misbehave. They still sleep together a great deal of the time. Overall, Boris has been an excellent cat to have as a pet. He avoids my kids when he can, but has never scratched or bitten either of them when they do manage to corner him. I can't speak to all cats of this breed, but Boris has been my favorite cat to own - and I have had quite a few of them in my life.

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