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Ocicats - The Acrobat of Cats


Takoma Park, Maryland, United States

Posted Mar 19, 2014

Nina was the fourth cat to join our now cat family of seven. We believe she ran away from home when her previous owners clearly had her declawed. Because of her small Ocicat size, it was difficult to determine her age at first, but she was almost two years old when she found us. She has brought much excitement ever since.

Nina is adorable and has continued to stay playful and curious even with age. Because she is so light, she can easily jump from the floor to the top of the clothes hangers in the closet and walk around without disturbing anything. She often climbs onto the top shelf from there for her naps. She also likes to sleep high up on open doors and the fridge. Because she's smaller, this makes her feel more secure around the larger cats. She also will jump onto our shoulders, walk around and perch in her shows of affection. Her acrobatic nature continues to entertain. She also is a very agreeable cat, not the dominating alpha cat at all. She only meows when she's calling for help or asking to go outside.

While Nina is adorable and sweet, she also is very competitive in claiming her territory. Because she is so flexible, she is able to spray in positions the other cats cannot manage. The "Pee Wars" started when Nina arrived and flares up every time a new cat joins the family. She claimed the first room she stayed in the house and she attempted to pee around a room in the basement when a new cat arrived. Beyond seven cats, though we will never know, the peeing may never stop. Thus far, it has only occurred during the transition periods. Nature's Miracle has been our #1 product for combating the peeing. It not only cleans the spot but completely absorbs the odors. The cats never go back to the same spot when we use Nature's Miracle.

Nina also has a habit of eating her food too quickly, so we leave out dry food for her. We also have to be present when she eats, because when she scarfs down her wet food she usually throws it back up.

Overall, this Ocicat is a very beautiful, curious and delightful creature. However, keep a close eye on this one when she's climbing around your closet, trying to get outside, or just eating too fast.

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