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Ocicat: TONS of Personality, TONS of Trouble


United States

Posted Dec 17, 2013

About 5 years ago my husband and I moved to Southern California. We had two cats already, but we were in the habit of visiting the Rescue Shelter to spend time playing with the cats. That's where we ran into Alexander.

We were immediately taken with his appearance. Ocicats are larger than other cats, standing taller and broader than most. They also have striking coats with spots that make them look like miniature wild cats. We didn't know anything about the breed at the time, we just fell in love with his wild appearance and his playful personality. Well were we in for a surprise!

Ocicats are not cats for people that like traditional, sleep all day, mind their own business cats. Ocicats are for people that like dogs but in a cat's body. Alexander is the most active, most energetic, most mischievous cat that I've ever met. He does take naps like most cats, but when he is up he is GOING GOING GOING. He is constantly on the move exploring new things we bring home, patrolling the house, and if all else fails, causing trouble. Often we'll be sitting in one room and something will crash down in another and without fail it is always Alexander's fault. He climbs everything, he paws at everything. If you lock him out of a room he will scratch at the door until you're so annoyed with the persistent scratching you let him in. He can open cabinets on his own and hides in them, ready to spring a secret attack on you. He absolutely HAS to sit in every box you bring home and inspect every last grocery bag. He will take your lunch right out of your hand and eat it himself, even if you'd never think a cat would eat potato chips or strawberries. To top it all off, he knows when he is being bad. He knows and responds to his own name, and when you call him out when he's about to pounce, he looks at you with big, sad eyes and slowly walks away. And then comes back 10 minutes later and does it anyways!

Now on the flip side of this mischievous, troublesome, energetic fellow is a cat with a heart of gold. Alexander is also the most loving cat I've ever met, and he loves to cuddle. He will climb under the covers to take naps. He sleeps in the bed, often times on top of my feet, even when I kick him by accident. Alexander loves being around my husband and I, and he gets very sad when we have to leave for work. He will wait for us in the front room by the window and greet us when we walk in the door. I've even heard him go into the spare bedroom and make sad sounding meows like whining when my husband had to leave for work early.

Overall the Ocicat is a magnificent breed. They have an amazing, wildcat-like appearance and are large, hearty cats. They are curious, energetic and loving playmates that will keep you entertained for hours. But if you are looking for a docile, calm, sleepy cat this breed is NOT for you. I would recommend this breed for experienced cat owners only, or for dog owners that want to try their hand at a cat. Alexander is a handful, but for us, he's totally worth it!

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