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One Amazing Breed of Cat


California, United States

Posted May 11, 2015

Let's start with this: Our cat Meow (Sir Meowzer, properly) was and still is probably the best cat I have known so far, and he came to us by accident. The Nebelung is playful, smart, versatile, gorgeous, and Meow lived up to the reputation.

An indoor and outdoor cat, Meow thrived virtually anywhere we moved to. He lounged around inside and had lots of fun outside. Outdoors, he was very territorial, but still smart about it. He respected boundary lines (in this case, fences and walls that varied greatly from house to house) and was able to hold his own against any cat and most dogs. He was the boss in certain spaces and everyone knew it. I don't know if this is cat or breed specific, but even after he injured his leg when he was older, the younger cats could not push him around.

Most important, though, he was very good with other animals. When he was a kitten, he freaked out over the sight of his first dog but that was the ONLY time he ever did. Wariness only lasted a day or two with new animals, and then we was comfortable, back to business as usual. As long as they respected him, he respected them.

With humans, he was a snuggler. With everyone. He loved hugs and even tolerated younger folk. Although he was strong willed and, when he was younger, his tolerance for annoying children was very low. He'd get angry easily and chase them around, but if you teach kids to respect the kitty and you don't let the kitty get away with that behavior, that stops being a problem very quickly. After that, he was the gentle, loving cat anyone would expect, with patience that went miles. Like I said, he was very smart, so the right training goes a long way (and it's really easy with the Nebelung). He was very curious about how things worked and the places he could get to, both good and bad. He figured out the laser trick. He even figured out how to open doors.

And he loved talking to you when you talked to him. You could easily have five minute meowing conversations. He was never loud, unless he needed our attention for important things like injury. He got stuck in a van engine and very rightly called for help instead of letting the embarrassment and pride keep him trying to get out on his own. I shouldn't say never loud. If he was out all day and we let him in just before bed, he would meow VERY loudly in the middle of the night until someone gave him attention and snuggles.

His fur did get everywhere and that was the biggest drawback. He groomed himself regularly, but he was still constantly shedding and the couches and clothes would be virtually caked in his fur sometimes. Always keep the lint rollers handy.

So shedding may be a problem and a strong will, but besides that, my experience with Meow was very enjoyable. Very fun, loving, and the best kitty hugs.

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