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Heidi - ginger ninja and all around shy girl.


South Australia, Australia

Posted Feb 12, 2017

Heidi is my first cat, who I found rescued at the local vet. She was named by the staff for her habit of hiding, and her name stuck. Heidi is a lot of fun - she loves pouncing, sleeps on the bed when it is cold and will happily run around the house if there is only one person at home. She is very frightened of the vacuum cleaner and will hide for a few hours after the cleaning session has ended.

Heidi is a one person cat. She prefers to be cuddled and played with by either my husband or me, and will be standoffish to the other one! We are very used to this by now.

Heidi is also skittish and shy - she is scared of most visitors, even ones who have been around a lot. She prefers calm and quiet people. My husband and I have a little girl. Heidi often sleeps outside her room by the door, and she was happy to be in the same room when she was a newborn. Now she is very scared of my daughter who moves around a lot and makes plenty of sudden movements.

Heidi doesn't mind other cats and dogs and she likes to be the boss of them! She has travelled around a lot, especially during our engagement. I had to go away overnight, and was running late, but Heidi decided she needed to come to. I got out her cat carrier, and told her if she went in there without any fuss she could come along. Believe it or not, she did just that!

Although sometimes it has been difficult having a shy girl, she is often very affectionate. When I have been sick or upset, she always seems to know and will come for a cuddle. Heidi can usually be found sitting by the glass door, sunning herself or looking for some extra attention.

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