Lucifer the Pirate

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Great cat, easy to take care of.


United States

Posted Jul 30, 2015

Before I start my review, I want to note that my cat was found as a stray, had one of his legs amputated, and has cataracts in both eyes. It may or may not account for some of his behavior.

Lucifer is a black cat who is very smart and active. We have a broken door and every time we find a new and improved way to keep it closed, he finds a way to open it for him and his buddy to get out. He is now very friendly with people and is definitely an attention hog, even becoming vocal and demanding to be pet while on the other side of the room. He loves to play and is very active, but this may be due to the fact that he is only two years old. However, while he does crave attention, he doesn't cuddle up to you like my other cat does. (Though his previous owner said he did... maybe he just doesn't like me as much).

I have roommates who are allergic and his fur was not a big issue with the occasional vacuuming. He does know how to create messes though. He loves to nudge things over just to see them drop, and he manages to find his bag of food and rip it open every time. Climbing mattresses, shelves, and furniture or hiding in cupboards is absolutely no problem for him.

I'm not sure if this goes for all dogs or just my dogs, but Lucifer is not a big fan of them. He's definitely a curious cat, but so are my dogs. Whenever they're lazing around, Lucifer walks around like he owns the place. But as soon as my dogs get too curious and invade his personal space, he hisses and lashes out with his claws (very understandable).

Overall, he's easy to take care of, friendly even when people come over, and purrs like no other. I highly recommend his "breed."

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