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Nana, the Princess Miyu


United States

Posted May 22, 2015

Nana is my current purr baby. She is demanding and independent, but loving. That is to say, she's a cat. ^_^ If you ask me, her only fault is that she is a one-person kitty.
When I went to the Humane Society looking for a cat, I was planning on getting one of two Siamese boys because a friend of mine had had three of them when I was in high school, and they were all fantastic kitties. But when I got there, the two boys were nervous and standoff-ish, and in a cage next to them was this little calico with an adorable "miyu miyu" cry. I picked her up and she climbed up the front of my shirt onto my shoulder and under my hair. So, you could say that she chose me.
As a kitten, she was very friendly with anyone who would give her pets. She was uber-playful, she would even play fetch. But by the time she was two years old, she started settling into that stereotypical independent, headstrong cat role. She will play, but she has to be in the mood. She will cuddle, but it has be her idea (usually she is game ^_^). If it is time to eat, do not expect anything from her until she is fed. Actually, she's a lot like me. ;-)
As I mentioned before, Nana is very much a one-person kitty. I got her when I was single, and it has been a little tough on her having to share me with my husband and our two-year-old daughter. She will sit on my husband, but does not like him to touch her for too long. She gets a little aggressive with him at night, and tries really hard to be with only me as soon as our daughter goes to bed. She is satisfactorily patient with our daughter. She will play for a couple minutes, as long as my daughter is using a distance toy like Nana's fishing pole or shoe string. But when she has had enough, she will walk away and go someplace where the toddler can't get her. She has never been aggressive with her.
As I write this, she is sitting next to me in my home office, staring up at me with her pretty yellow green eyes. I better end this here and show her some love. ^_^

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