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Posted Feb 23, 2015

My cat Digger was rescued from a hole where someone had buried her and her litter mates alive. She was the only one to survive. She loved to crawl under blankets on the bed. I often came home to find a mysterious lump moving around on my bed. Digger had some personality problems that I believe were the result of being buried alive and being deprived of oxygen. She randomly attacked things. I was reading the newspaper one day, and she was sleeping on the back of the sofa where I was sitting, and she jumped up and flung herself at the paper, tearing it from my hands. Then she hissed at me every time I tried to retrieve it from the floor. I finally had to throw a blanket over her to calm her down. She stared at the wall for hours too.

I had never owned a cat before so there were a few things I didn’t know. Digger used the side of my sofa as a scratching post so I bought a scratching post for her but she kept scratching my sofa. I taped aluminum foil over the area she scratched, and she started using another area. A friend recommended I get her declawed so I did. If I had asked more questions, I would have known declawing meant cutting off her toes at the first knuckle, and I never would have done it. Don’t declaw your cat. Wrap your entire house in aluminum foil if you have to.

The upside of a cat is they are quiet and clean. It’s super easy to train them to use a litter box too. You just keep it really clean – scoop out the clumps every day – and even a kitten will use it once you show them where it is. I learned to be very careful where you put the litter box. I put it in the front hallway closet. This made sense to me since the floor was tile so clean up would be easier. What I didn’t count on were friends who couldn’t stand to see a half-open closet door. They shut it when they walked by it. I would find out that the closet door was closed when I saw a cat kernel on my carpet!

Another plus to my cat was that she walked well on a leash. I didn’t know cats don’t walk on leashes until people told me that. Digger also played fetch with me. I had a long narrow kitchen so I slid peanuts down the floor. She ran after them, batted them around for awhile and then brought them back. She came when I called her and she knew how to sit and lie down. I pretty much trained her like a dog and she was a fairly good student. Overall, cats are great pets if you can put up with their occasionally not wanting anything to do with you.

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