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Isis, cat with a queenly attitude!


Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

Posted Feb 14, 2014

Isis is about 13 years old and is a black domestic shorthair cat. We got her from the shelter in December 2001, shortly after our other black cat, Shadow, passed away. My daughter was mourning Shadow and I felt it would be a good idea to get another cat right away. Turns out I was right. Britt, my daughter, immediately bonded with Isis, and Isis with her. In fact, I should've known Isis was going to be a handful when she marched up to Britt and peed on her first thing!

We named our new cat Isis, and it turned out it was the perfect name. She thinks she's the queen of everything, and never lets you forget she's the boss in many ways. She has an attitude that doesn't quit, and what's even funnier about that is she is a small cat – probably no more than 8 pounds. Still her attitude is HUGE. She's vocal, pushy, and walks around like she's a queen and owns the place. If she gets angry at you, she glares at you with dagger-like focus. If she's annoyed with you, she'll sometimes nip you out of spite. As for our dogs, Isis doesn't care for them and merely tolerates their presence. When she's hungry, she will let you know right away. You simply cannot ignore his cat for any reason! Although she grooms herself (she has a medium-length coat), she requires near-constant attention.

Until December 2012, Isis had a male companion named Osiris. He was a larger black cat, but also domestic shorthair. He was the opposite of Isis in that he was laid back and very Zen. Sadly, Osiris passed away and left Isis alone. We didn't think getting another cat would be a good idea, because it takes a long time for Isis to accept any other animal—especially another cat. It took her a long time to accept Osiris once we rescued in back in June 2002. I worried Isis would get sick or listless after her partner's death. Instead, she has done better than I expected. She's a mentally hardy cat with a strong temperament.

I'm not sure how many years Isis has left, but we will love her for as long as she sticks around. She's a tiny feline with a major personality. And while that personality is often bossy and annoying, it has also made her resilient in the face of change. In our house, Isis demands to be the queen – whether you want to accept it or not!

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