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Inertia, king of cats


United States

Posted Feb 07, 2014

Inertia was the perfect cat, without question. We brought him into our family as a kitten. He belonged to neighbors, in a way; they'd been watching a cat for a deployed soldier but had let the cat become pregnant, and he was part of the litter, which they were trying to re- home before their soldier friend returned. I'm almost certain he was too young to be separated from him mother when he was given to us, but they were going to put him in a kill- shelter or give him to us, so he came with us, obviously.

Inertia bonded deeply with our daughter, who was only three when we adopted him. She put dresses and socks on him, which he tolerated very well. He liked to steal her worn clothes and take them to the basement where he'd make a nest out of them to sleep on- less than desirable, obviously, but also a testament as to how much he liked her. He also got along well with our other cat, and our dogs-- which was surprising, as they came into our home after he did. He was always everyone's favorite; even people who had always disliked cats said that if all cats were like Inertia, they would love cats.

Inertia weighed in at approximately 16 pounds, was an excellent mouser, was vocal without being annoying, and liked to play for brief periods- he'd chase a laser or wrestle for about 10 minutes or so, then go back to resting. He preferred to cuddle, or drape himself over the back of a chair as a family member was reading.

At age two, Inertia was diagnosed with a "benign heart murmur". We were told that surgery was too risky and wouldn't have any real benefit, as the heart defect shouldn't markedly shorten his life. He died peacefully, without warning, in our home at the age of eight. We had hoped that he might live much longer, but we are happy to know that he was surrounded by so many people who loved him so well.

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