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Ellie - Siamese Mix


United States

Posted Feb 01, 2014

A few years back my family got two kittens. We bought sisters because we already owned a pair of sisters and knew the bond they'd form would make the transition into a new home much easier. Little did we know, these new cats would give us a run for our money!

The girls are Ellie and Lorelai. Both kittens started causing chaos right from the beginning. When we first get kittens we keep them confined to a smaller area of the house before setting them free to roam the entire house with the adult cats. The girls were in the laundry room, and sure enough they decided to hide from us behind (and sometimes inside the back of) the washer and dryer. It was a hassle but they were kittens so we let it slide, thinking they'd grow out of doing things like that.
The man that bred the kittens clearly hadn't socialized them much because for a few months the girls didn't want to be held by humans (or really even in the same room as humans). They would purr when they were pet, and they loved to scratch.
After a lot of work, the girls calmed down and would let us hold and pet them. They stopped causing so much trouble and behaved better.
As time passed and they grew into adults they calmed down a lot more and actually became very social, loving girls! However, this breed will only "conform" to a human's demands so much...
A rule in our house is that cats are not allowed to jump on to kitchen counter tops, or the kitchen table. The siamese girls looooved to do just that. So, my father began scaring them when they would do it, to deter them from doing it again. (Having owned several cats before, this tactic always worked. The other two cats we had before the siamese were very well behaved)

This plan backfired.
It didn't take long for the cats to become very spastic. They run and jump off of you when you sit on the couch and they fly across the room with their claws out at the smallest noise.

Overall I would say that Siamese cats are not for people that have a busy or loud home like we do. The cats are very jumpy and will do whatever they want to do...
I love my cat Ellie, she can be the sweetest cat on earth, but when she is knocking things off tables in the middle of the night she can get on my nerves very quickly.

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