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Sassy Little Monster


Posted Sep 17, 2017

I met Milo when I moved in with my fiance. About a year prior to that, Milo was a tiny kitten crying outside his apartment. He lured Milo up to the door with a can of tuna. Then Milo ran inside and refused to leave. He was chosen. So my fiance bathed him and went and got a litter box and some food and that was that.
Milo is really boxy. He is stout and has a shorter tail than most cats. He is very very fluffy and has a "tuxedo" pattern. My fiance thought he was just a runt, being that he was alone outside and hungry when he found him. I did a LOT of research, and it turns out Milo is a Manx. Manx cats have a boxy frame- they're not long and elegant like most domestic short hair cats. He has a short tail, a little less than the length of his body. He has stubby legs and a smaller head than other cats. But what gives him away as a Manx is that Milo is basically a dog.
This cat runs TOWARD danger. When someone comes knocking at the door, he runs to the door and GROWLS. It is hilarious. If there's another animal outside, Milo runs around the house from window to window growling. He also plays fetch. No joke. You throw him a piece of crumpled paper on the floor and he chases after it, picks it up in his mouth, and brings it back to you. He, much unlike my other cat, plays with anything and everything. He will play with his toys. He will play with my dog's toys. He will get up onto the bookshelf, pull out a fabric bin, and grab paper, yarn, or a pinwheel- whatever he has his eye set on- and jump down and play with it. He knocks over plants, just because. Tell him not to go into a room or to get off a counter, and it becomes his life's mission to get back up in there.
I love this cat dearly, but he was definitely the boss before I moved in. He herds my fiance into the kitchen and meows INCESSANTLY until he's fed. He will try it all day long. This habit irritates me, as I have a baby on the way and already can't see my feet. It's impossible not to trip on him. I've been booping him on the nose when he meows at me, and giving him pets when he's quiet. With me now, he sits by the food and stares at me quietly until I feed him. With my fiance, he still herds him and yowls.
Oh.. the yowling. Milo likes to wait until Saturday mornings when I'm trying to sleep in to SCREECH the song of his people into a tiny cat megaphone he's hiding somewhere, and scratch at the door like the world's most annoying boogeyman. It can be very trying. My cat has never scratched or bit me. I booped him on the nose to break that habit early on. Milo was never trained not to scratch or bite, so he does both. If he wants you to pet him, he'll grab you with his claws and bite you. If he wants you to stop petting him, he'll grab you with his claws and bite you. If he wants to play, he'll grab you with his claws and bite you. If he doesn't like you telling him to get down, he'll grab you with his claws and bite you. Manx aren't vicious. But they do have the expectation that this is THEIR home and you just live here.
The sweetest thing about Milo is that he basically ignored me for the two years I lived with him, despite my best efforts to bond with him, until I got pregnant. Then, before I even started to show, he suddenly began crawling on me to cuddle every time I sat on the couch. Now he buries his face in my belly and "makes biscuits". He sleeps next to me when I nap. In fact, a few days ago I had blood work done and I was taking a nap afterward. I didn't realize I was having a hypoglycemic episode. Luckily, Milo jumped on me and walked all over me until I got up. I was disoriented and didn't realize what was going on yet. Milo meowed at me and guided me to the kitchen. I got a snack and went and sat back in bed. Milo followed me and laid next to me in bed, and refused to leave my side for the rest of the day. It wasn't until after I'd eaten that I realized what had just happened. I'm 100% sure it was intentional and he knew exactly what he was doing.
2 years ago, my other cat got extremely ill. When my fiance got home, he didn't know anything was wrong because my cat was laying in the office. Milo herded him toward the office, yowling, and wouldn't leave him alone until he went in. My fiance found my cat barely clinging to life, running a serious fever, unable to move in the office. He rushed him to the emergency vet and thankfully they were able to save him, but it was a VERY close call. So that makes twice that our little Manx has saved someone in our family. He might be a pain in the butt most of the time, but I wouldn't trade him for the world.

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