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a Maaaarvelous Feline


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Posted Feb 02, 2019

My maine coon had a giant personality to match his size. I had gotten him when he was overweight. One of the things we tried to get him to lose weight was getting a treat ball for him. He learned to just kick the treat ball between his front legs or his front and back legs when he was laying down. We eventually got him fitted for a harness (medium dog) and would take him down the street, then make him walk home. He learned to love going on his walks. The only game he did play when he wanted to play was fetch. If you threw a toy, he would waddle over to grab it and bring back.

Maine coons are known for being incredibly vocal and he was no exception. You could have full conversations with him and he would never let you have the last word.

He was prone to matting so he did need consistent grooming. In the summer, he would get warm so he would go to the groomer once in the spring and then one mid summer. He loved sitting in the car (no carrier, he wore his harness) and watching the world go by.

Maine coons are also very, very social cats. He was never one to hide when people came over to the house. Instead, he preferred to greet them at the door and demand attention.

He was completely unphased by our dog (140#), probably because he could swat him with no issue.

Maine coons, as a breed, are prone to heart disease. Manny ended up getting diabetes later in his life and ultimately passed from adenocarcinoma (stomach cancer).

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So sorry about you losing Manny. I didn't know about the heart disease being common with maine coones. I had a male named Tiggers who is listed on here. He disappeared when he was about five years old. I think someone catnapped him. He was so gorgous and friendly. Maine coon is my favorite cat breed and if I can I would love to get another.

February 2nd, 2019 at 08:20 am