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Shadyside, Ohio, United States

Posted Oct 22, 2016

He is no Elvis Presley, but he is The King in our house. Pugsley walks around with purpose as if he owns the house. He has always done this since he was a kitten, which is why we jokingly call him "The King." He has always been an extremely playful cat. He has always had fun with toys that are not cat toys. The mice? He pays them no mind. The birds with the feathers? Nah. His favorite toy is the plastic ring around a bottle after you have opened it. He picks it up with his mouth, puts it on his paw, throws it across the room, and then chases it. Rinse and repeat.

He isn't too needy, but when he wants his attention, he lets it be known. Some of the ways he tries to gain your attention are pawing at your arm or hand, sit on you, or meow at you. In extreme cases, if you ignore His Majesty too long, he will cover your face with his paw until you pet him to his liking.

He is a pretty quiet cat, other than meowing if he is out of food or if you completely ignore him when he wants your attention. The only other time he meows is if he is locked in a room somewhere. Pugsley often gets locked up in areas because he is too smart for his good. He knows which closet doors do not close completely, so he can paw the door open and jump in on a shelf. He has also figured out how to open the lazy susan cabinet and close it but has not yet mastered getting it back open when he wants out. All you have to do is follow the meow, and you can rescue him.

He is pretty easy to take care. Because of his long fur, we have to brush him quite often to prevent hairballs. We brush him at least once a day. He absolutely loves being brushed. He will have the brush in his paws and rub it across his face and teeth. It is quite the spectacle. His long fur is due to the breed. Also because of the breed, he is a fairly large cat. He is about the size of a medium dog, weighing ten pounds. When people see him for the first time they often say, "That's the biggest cat I've ever seen!" The only issues we have had with him is climbing in boxes, so we always have a box out for him, like I said, he's The King.

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