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Max, the Master of the Shelter


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Posted Sep 19, 2016

Max was huge. He was enormous. No! He was gigantic! He was one mega cat!

Max was a Maine Coon cat that was at a cat shelter I worked at in high school, the Animal Rescue Network, and he was one big cat. I kid you not, he ran the joint. When he'd come out of his hiding spot in the corner next to the sofa, everycat would scatter. It was like a scene from a Mafia movie. Don Max, the Godcat...

I've never seen a cat so huge. How huge was he, you ask? He was the size of a smaller medium-sized dog. Like a super long, low Greyhound with a ton of fur. Max had lived on the streets for quite some time before being rescued by the Network, so he was pretty scruffy looking from the fights he got into. He had a few marks on his face, a scar across his nose and parts of his ears were missing. He was a pretty tough cat, not too easily approachable by Maine Coon standards, and he was suspicious of humans. Again, not exactly typical Maine Coon attitude, but, hey, that was Max for you.

Max was quite territorial, probably because he wasn't fixed, but feeding time in his room was interesting to observe. We'd place the food bowls out all at once along the main wall, and the cats would run over, of course. But, then Max would come out and saunter over slowly to the wall, and the other cats would rush out of his way. Max had first pick, and the other cats stayed away.

He was never a picky eater, per se, but on the rare occasion where we would break out the wet food because a company donated a bunch, Max would attack. Not in a vicious way, but in a more GIVEMETHAT!!!! way. He loved his wet food, but would also scarf down his dry when it arrived.

Max had crazy bed-head fur that he loved getting brushed. I think the other volunteers were a bit apprehensive around him, so they never attempted to brush his fur, but after a while, I thought I'd give it a shot. So, after the first successful attempt, I was meowed at every time he'd see me until I got the idea that he wanted his fur brushed. It was like appeasing the Mafia Don. God forbid I say No to the cat!

I did love this cat, although, due to his size, I think people considering getting a Maine Coon kitten should really think things through first. They can get enormous. Do you have the space for that? Can you afford a bigger cat? It's not only more food we're talking about here. It's also bigger vet bills. The bigger the pet, the more meds they need. So, that would be my one hesitation in recommending this breed.

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