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Johnston, Iowa, United States

Posted Mar 11, 2009

I rescued my first LaPerm in 2004, a 2 yr old boy that Animal Control found roaming as a stray, even though he was declawed.  I was just supposed to pick him up & deliver him to Purebred Cat Rescue, but once I met him, not only did I KNOW I met my cat, I was SURE I would never want another breed in my house.  I raise & show cats, and have now stopped showing my other breed in favor of LaPerms.  They are family oriented, loving, curious & playful.  All my boys love to play fetch, and everyone loves to snuggle in bed, especially on those cold winter nights! 

This breed has a curly coat that is said to be less allergenic than other cat breeds.  My brother has severe allergies & can safely hang out in our home without issue.  After they lose the last of their kitten coats, mine do not shed a great deal, which is a real plus considering the majority of LaPerms are longhaired.  I rarely brush my cats, mostly just before show.  And bathing isn't necessary unless they get into something yucky. 

Our LaPerms get along well with our dogs & kids, and are a real pleasure to raise.  Dulcie, our favorite little girl, is in love with our mini dachshund, Fang.  They spend hours grooming each other & snuggling together!

WARNING - there are some people who believe in cross breeding this breed with something called a "Munchkin", which will produce a dwarf (short legged, not smaller) version of this beautiful breed.  Not only are these cats NOT purebreds, I am vehemently against breeding anything to a cat that exhibits the dwarfism gene. 

To end on a happy note, this is the newest cat recognized by CFA in the Championship class.  There are very few breeders in the country, and we like to think of our clients as friends who are in on a lovely, lovely secret.  Honestly, once you own one, you will be hard pressed to want another breed.  Contact me if you would like more information on this breed!

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