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9 reasons to own Kurilian Bobtail


Posted Jun 29, 2012

On?e my family solved the dilemma: to
buy a beautiful cat or a clever service dog for our daughter Anastasia, who often
was alone at home and didn’t walk in the nearest city park ‘cause my husband with me were very busy with our work. At the same time I was suffering from allergies to cat droppings, so the cat
should be an ideal cleanliness. We have carefully studied the
various dogs and cats and bought a beautiful
Kurilian Bobtail. These wonderful cats combine the best qualities of
cats and dogs.

Now we are Kurilian
Bobtail breeders. Our daughter is very busy
with our cats at home and walking with
them in the park. She is a handler at International cat shows and she has a Diploma felinologist. We with
our 14 Kurilian Bobtail is a family, a praid. However, I don’t suffer from
allergies to Kurilian Bobtails. Our family has chosen the right pets.

1. Kurilian
Bobtail is a beautiful and powerful cat. It is a good companion for a walk in
the park. Kurilian Bobtails are the great
hunters and fishers. They aren’t afraid
of water and able to dive.

2. Kurilian
Bobtail isn’t a cat that walks by itself. Kurilian Bobtail is a unique cat,
which organizes its pride and lives by
the laws of this pride. Therefore, Kurilian Bobtail at your home is a part of
your family. He is always near you and helps you. Kurilian Bobtail lives in
accordance with the rules that you set them.

3. Kurilian
Bobtail is a very smart cat that reads your thoughts, feels your mood and
understands you. Our Kurilian Bobtails understand spoken language, execute
commands as service dogs. According to
statistics, Kurilian Bobtails understand over 1000 words. Our cats are able to speak, pronounce our
names and other words.

4. Kurilian
Bobtail is loyal to his owner as a dog. It, as a bodyguard, alerts and protects you (dangerous animal, fire,
flood, earthquake and etc.). Many times
our tomcat bravely defended us from the evil dogs in the park. Our pussycats warn us when the water boiled away in a pot or
dinner is burning on the stove or water is poured out of the pipe.

5. If you’re
punctual, the Kurilian Bobtail is the best your secretary and the best alarm
clock, because he is gentle and insistent. Daily on time our older pussycat Vanilla wakes
me up, our pussycat Jellico reminds us
of a cat fed and our pussycat Sara reminds us of grooming .

6. If you’re
crazy to clean, Kurilian Bobtail is your cat. It is very clean animal, which
comply with the order of the house and requires it from all. Time-to-time our
Kurilian Bobtails put a shovel in the tray, if I didn’t clean in time. Usually Kurilian
Bobtails (and their droppings) aren’t smelly. Our cats love daily grooming and weekly washing.

7. Kurilian
Bobtail is the mysterious. Once our cats were very strange: they came together,
ran around the apartment, yelled loudly and demanded to leave the house. The
next day we knew about the terrible earthquake in Japan. We noticed that our
Kurilian Bobtails were very nervous before the earthquake in the Kuril Islands,
Japan and Europe. Maybe these cats see the future.

8. Kurilian
Bobtail is a loving and caring pet. They calm you relieve stress after a
difficult job. When I was sick, our cats came to visit me, lay down beside me,
and one of them brought me from the kitchen a bread and sweets in a bed. If our
tom cat hears the baby crying, he immediately rushes to help to the child and
soothes it.

9. Kurilian
Bobtails are funny cat. We often laugh at their antics and games. Our Kurilian
Bobtails love to listen to music and to move to the music. Our pussycat Sara sings
very musically.



Co-owner of
Kurilian Bobtail Cattery ENGELHARDT


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