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Khao Manee

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Missouri, United States

Posted Jul 01, 2013

First of all, I would like to note that the origins of my kittens are untraceable since they were abandoned. However, going by my research and personal experience I believe that they were most likely Khao Manee.

Two strikingly beautiful, white, female kittens were abandoned at my mom's work. She couldn't stand to leave them there so she asked me to find homes for them. This lead to me adopting two more cats in addition to my female Calico, 2 Brindle Pit Bulls, and a Rottweiler. Thank God, they all got along with each other!

I hadn't planned on keeping them, originally, so they got to earn their names. Prissy and Fluffy.

Prissy, rightfully named, was regal and proud. Her beautiful pure white coat always perfectly groomed and surveying her subjects. Never tempted to stoop so low as to do anything which would compromise her perfectly groomed fur. She also had the most amazing green and blue eyes that I have ever seen a cat possess.

Fluffy on the other hand...was the total opposite of her sister Prissy. With striking sapphire eyes and a generally rumpled look, she would vigorously romp and wallow to her heart's content. Truth be told, for some time we thought she had suffered some sort of brain damage. Couldn't quit put our finger on it, but something was definitely wrong with her. Until one day a novel idea occurred to us...everyone in the house began randomly making loud noises whenever the cat was near. Prissy was obviously perturbed by our new habit, and constantly on edge. Fluffy on the other hand, never even noticed. That's when we knew for certain that she was deaf and not brain damaged. Our calico, also known as Tazz, took the kitten under her wing (so to speak) and taught her how to become a skilled and proficient hunter. I never entirely figured out how she did it, but Fluffy was a hunter surpassed only by Tazz. Always proud to drag her catches onto the porch or into the house if possible to show them off. We also took a new approach to her training, implementing vibrations and hand signals. She was highly intelligent once we knew how to approach her training.

These cats make great pets for families with children, singles with other pets, and first time cat owners. They are active and playful, love attention, and at times vocal.

The downside: If you get one that is deaf, you have to train them in an entirely new manner using vibrations and hand signals. Also, due to their inability to hear - they are more susceptible to dangers such as vehicles. Some cats of this breed and very big 'talkers' and express themselves very vocally.

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