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The Baby Mu!


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Posted Oct 13, 2016

I was never a cat person. When I hit my limit of 4 dogs, I wanted to find an awesome cat to join our crew. It was between a Persian or Sphinx. So super hairy or completely bald! A very well known breeder used the kennel where I worked for years and she was looking to get out of the breeding and move more into judging and had one last litter.

This kitten, this BAD kitten, was the baddest in his litter. He learned to escape from the enclosure at 5 weeks old while his littermates were still clinging to mom. He wanted no parts of being with her or them. He kept getting lost in the house!

As he was advanced at 6 weeks old, the breeder allowed him to come home with me. In retrospect this wasn't the best idea as he latched on to my dogs and has since become a cat-dog! He would walk on a leash and harness. He would travel in the car with us. He would follow the dogs to the front door whenever anyone came in and "mew", obviously because he couldn't bark! He loves to cuddle with them even now and the fact that he uses a litterbox is the only cat-like thing about him.

The grooming on him is awful. I honestly don't know what I was thinking. He hates being brushed or combed, even though I've been doing it from day one with him. I keep him clipped down as much as possible just because he matts up so easily. His eyes are always a gooey mess and it looks like he cries blood. He abhors having his face cleaned and we now have to get creative on tricking him to allow us to clean him.

He is almost 20 pounds, his father was immense. His mother was a tiny little thing, but Muki definitely takes after dad. He looks like a Persian and would show under the Persian category, but he is actually an Exotic Longhair. Even though he has the smooshed face, he doesn't have the wheezing that a pug faced animal can have. His nostrils are a decent size, thankfully. That is what a good breeder makes sure of!

He is a typical cat in that you get about 3 seconds to love him and then he bites you. HARD. Which stinks because he is so cute!

I love him to death, even if he tries my patience with his grooming requirements and his anger issues sometimes. But as far as cats go, he really is a great cat and has a typical cat personality. If you can get around the grooming, Exotics/Persians are a great choice!

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