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Egyptian Mau


United States

Posted Dec 12, 2014

My wife and I adopted Tank from a friend when he was a kitten about three months old. Our friend had three Egyptian Maus and one had had four kittens. Tank was the rowdy, vocal one of the four. Every time we went to our friends' house to visit, Tank would be running around, chasing his siblings, and generally getting into mischief. We knew we wanted to adopt him because of hoe social and playful he was.

Tank was always very loving, almost to the point of being needy. We had another cat when we adopted him, and she did not get along with this new cat. So we kept him out of our bedroom at night. Every night when we went to bed, he would know he would be kicked out of the room, and he would dive under our bed to hide. He was very smart and somehow knew by the way my wife walked that she was getting ready to pick him up to put him out for the night.

Also, every morning around 5am, Tank would cry at our door wanting attention. We had heard Maus had very loud, distinctive meows and Tank proved to be a prime example. He had at least five different types of vocalizations, and he often employed them all in the morning as he attempted to wake us up.

Also, Tank was a large cat, weighing nearly 16 pounds when we gave him to my sister-in-law. He ate so much that we had to keep the dry food put away, which caused our other cat to lose several pounds the first few months after we adopted him. Tank's dad is a very large cat, and I'm not sure if this is a characteristic of the breed. But it did prove to be an issue, especially as it interfered with how we cared for our other cat.

When my wife and I moved out of state, we had to give him to my sister-in- law because where we were going did not allow multiple pets. We still love him and miss him, as he was one of the more outgoing cats we'd ever known.

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