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Mr. Purrrrsonality and his sidekick SnuggleBugs


Posted Sep 14, 2016

These are my cats, Blackie and Whitey, cleverly named by a friend of mine after I struggled to find the perfect name for my new buddies. I was not crazy about the names, but they stuck. Having a devon Rex as a pet is a very special experience. These cats are not like other cats at all. They are a cross between a dog, a child a circus clown and a street beggar.

These guys are brothers, and I got them from a local breeder who had them as pets. I got them as adults so they were set in their ways I suppose. When I brought them home I would leave to go to work, only to come home and discover I could not find them. I soon learned that they stayed in bed-all day. These cats love to snuggle with you under the covers.

They are a variety of the common American Shorthair cat, but they have a genetic mutation which causes them to have no Guard hair. Guard har is the outer layer of cat hair most of us are accustomed to petting. Because of this they were essentially naked, and probably a bit cold if the house got chilly. The fur that you see on them is their down, or underlayer.
As far as personality these cats had tons. They are very playful and attention seeking. They remind me of dogs in that way. They would attempt to knock things out of my hand if I was not paying enough attention to them. They tipped over glasses, got into boxes, and inspected every new item that came into the house. If you want a cat who will stick by your side, this is the breed for you. Buth my kitties are boys, and the black one is the dominant of the two. He has feelings and expressions similar to a person. If hes upset with something I have done he wil give me his back, or a long sideways stare so I know he is not pleased.
I noticed hese cats tend to have eye and ear issues. They have very large ears and the vet would have to clean them due to mites. They also tended to get runny eyes. Another diference I noticed with this breed is they are overeaters. Not all cats are like this, but these cats were outright pigs. They would eat anything I left out. I had to learn to put everything away and out of reach. You can see from the picture they are not at all thin cats, and that is without their outside coats. You need to be mindful of your plate and glass as well. Even with scolding they may still try and steal a bite.
I love to watch these two in action. They believe anything they see on TV or a computer screen is real. I have seen hem sit there and watch TV just like a person would. I don't think I have ever seen another cat do this. For sure this is a high maintenance breed, but I felt they were worth it.

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