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05-110, Poland

Posted Jul 27, 2015

When I moved to my first own apartment I missed having a pet there. Animals have always been a part of my life so I decided very quickly that I will get a cat as soon as possible. I've read a lot about Cornish Rex breed and I was certain that this will be my next companion. Very soon I brought Franek, my first Cornish Rex cat, home.

Franek completely changed my life. He wasn't a type of cat that would sit in the corner and stare at humans, not even thinking about approaching. He had to be everywhere. He had to take part in everyday life. When I was cooking, he would jump on the counter and "control" my actions. He would even comment on what I was doing. When I was sleeping, he slept with me. He didn't miss any opportunity to cuddle. When I met my boyfriend, who declared himself as a "true cat hater", he was in love with Franek probably faster than he was with me :) We spent wonderful 6 years together when one sad I noticed that Franek is not behaving normally. It turned out he was very ill (he had a congenital heart defect) and he passed away way too early leaving us truly brokenhearted and devastated. We cried for a few days and finally decided that there are more loving animals waiting for home. My boyfriend, however, told me that he can't imagine living without a Cornish Rex (yes, the same "cat hater"!). We found Tolek, a 2 year-old cat who had to be removed from breeding. He was castrated and moved to our place. We truly love him, he loves us too... I hope our friend will stay with us as long as possible.

Even though I love this breed, I can imagine that it would not be perfect for everyone. Below I am going to explain both the pluses and minuses of it.

First, let me tell you all about the pluses. Cornish Rex cats are often described as a "cat version of a dog". I think it is very true. They are going to be a part of your life, by all means. They love playing and they are very gentle for kids as well. They are intelligent and can learn commands very quickly. They love cuddling, sitting on one's lap, sleeping together and, generally, doing everything while being in touch. They do not require a lot of grooming, however, because of the fact that they do not have the topcoat (only the undercoat) it is good to give them a bath once a month or so. They learn to use the litter box very quickly. We traveled with our cats a lot and when we were in a new place we only had to show them the new litter box once. They are extremely clean. When my first cat was ill and could barely walk he would still try to walk to his bathroom (I remember him doing it until the last day). Cornish Rex cats are real foodies. It is very difficult to find something they would not eat. They are definitely not picky so choosing a diet for them should be very easy. It should also be mentioned that this breed is very healthy. I know I mentioned the illness of my first cat, but it was a very rare case. All in all I can't remember any other health problem with a Cornish Rex through over 7 years of having them. What's more, this breed has a very long life span. The longest living cat on Earth was Cornish Rex who is said to die at the age of 33. I personally know people who are breeding these cats and their oldest cat is almost 20 right now. Finally, they get on well with other animals (we tried dogs, other cats, chinchillas and guinea pigs) and they are very friendly for all strangers that come to the house. They basically welcome everyone as if they were dogs :)

Now, let's talk about minuses of having a Cornish Rex. This is definitely not a breed for those who have very little time to spend at home and to play with the cat. They need contact with people and they are not comfortable staying all days and evenings alone. Leaving them for too long may lead to some slight behavioral problems. Another thing is that they are very, very loud. They are basically talking to us about anything they need to and this is NOT some gentle meowing :) They are very good at yelling and if they need something they will not leave humans until they get it. The biggest fights are always about food and attention. It can be problematic when trying to work or do anything else. I work as a tutor and I had to stop meeting my students at my place because sometimes my cat would be too demanding. Another thing which could be a minus for some people is that they need a lot of activities and exercise. They must get their daily dose of running, jumping, chasing, etc. Tolek can usually play on his own and run like crazy for one hour, but Franek needed us to play with him. Again, this proves that these cats need a lot of our time.

Summing up, if you have time to spend with your pet, if you need some loving little creature, I definitely recommend getting a Cornish Rex :)

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