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Posted Feb 16, 2014

I have always been more of a dog person than a cat person, and our Cornish rex Mouser was the perfect cat for me as she was much more a dog than a cat. She needed to be involved in everything that happened in the house, and was so affectionate it was impossible not to love her.

Cornish rex's have beautiful fur, soft and crinkly, and they shed very little which makes them ideal for people with allergies. This is the reason why we got Mouser, as my sister was allergic to cats. Strangely though Mouser did not like to wash herself and was a very stinky cat. The stink would not have been quite so tragic if Mouser was not so affectionate. She would insist on jumping on any family member who was sitting and would rub herself all over us. I am sure we all had many more showers after we got Mouser and our clothes needed changing more often. We had to bath her in the laundry sink every few weeks which she hated, but it was necessary if she was going to get any love, it was heartbreaking to push her away (but nosebreaking to allow her onto your lap). I am sure this lack of washing was an individual trait of Mouser as her sister went to our grandmother and she was a perfectly clean cat (although less affectionate than Mouser).

Cornish rex's do need a lot of attention and love and this makes them a perfect family pet, perhaps not so well suited to a single person. Unfortunately I moved into my own flat not long after we got Mouser but she always remembered me when I came home and would jump all over me purring and talking, she remembered regular visitors to the house too.

Cornish rex's are active and energetic cats, Mouser loved to hunt small birds and animals and we had to make sure she always wore a bell on her collar. Very intelligent, she soon learned how to clap the bell against her neck to keep it quiet so we had to have a bell on each side of her collar. We also invested in a lot of toys and tried to come up with games for her to play so she would be less likely to go hunting. In the end she did have to stay in the house a lot of the time, unless we could supervise her in the garden.

For people with allergies Cornish Rex's are a logical choice. For a family with time to spend on a pet Cornish Rex's will provide endless entertainment, affection and plenty of laughs too.

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