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Exotic Abyssinian, Chausie and Savannah cats.


California, United States

Posted May 07, 2012

I feel Chausie is the best cat for any one to own. They are very intelligent, affectionate, loyal, well behaved and gentle enough to the family with infant.
It's funny that now I think about chausie cats, I can not come up with any minuses about them. I have lots of amazing things about them and that they made me smile and happy having them past 17 years. Most of all, they are so healthy. As a breeder, I can not say enough good thing about them. Outstandingly, they are so loyal, they will keep you in their eye sight all time just to be with you rest of their lives in return of you loving them. I see all the cats and kittens awating all lined up outside of bathroom door and garage door or sliding door to outside all the time. They will wait for you at the front door when you come from work or outing. One of my kitties takes two children to school every morning and pick them up at 2pm at their school daily.
I had reunion of Chausie couple of years ago with leash and harness on, just in case there would be a cat fight or two since they have not seen each other for a long time. But there was no such a thing. Not one fight nor any little problems. My house was filled with people and cats. Time came to have lunch for people, I witnessed almost miracle of well behaved cats I have never seen. These cat behaved just like well trained dogs. They sat back where their master were sitting and waited until thier family to come back in sitting position.
I had reports trom two different families that their Chausie cats (Both female Chausie from same mother, Sophie) that warned their masters when danger is coming too close to them. One of them may have saved the owner's life. So, watch out if you hear one of my Chausie growl quietly. Do not ignor it.
They are also very much confident in themselves, they do not panic when they bump into other pet animal on the road when he/she is going for walk. They show curiosity and that is about it.
They also let you know when they are tired and want to go home. lol They are capable of learning anything you want to teach with love and patients. One of my chausie boy loves to play skateboard. He has made two best friends with huge Labrador dogs. Other made best friend with Iguana etc.
If you have any questions, I'll be mroe than happy to answer you promptly. Please email me at: marikoflorez@cox.net

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