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My F5 Chausie "Leena"


California, United States

Posted Dec 15, 2009

Hi everyone, My experience with the Chausie breed has been awesome! I have 2. Leena is an F5 female, and Cougar is an F4 Male. These cats love their owners! Follow me everywhere and want to be involved in almost everything you're doing. Chausies are beautiful looking cats, closly resembling a small mountain lion (this attracted me to Chausies initially). As to why they are also known as "Stone or Mountain cougars". They're big cats, typically 2 times the size as a standard house cat. Leena is a 14 pound 1 1/2 year old female. Cougar is a bit on the smaller side at about 11 pound at just a year, but he is still growing. A 20 pound Chausie is fairly common, especially with early generation Chausies. Chausies should be "Assertive, but not aggressive", which Leena is truly that. She loves her walks on or off the leash, and she loves meeting people and being the center of attention. There is not much fear in a Chausie. They are not lap cats either, but they will come and show affection in their own way with headbutts, jungle barks (Males) and light paws to the face. My Male Chausie is an oddity because he is more like a lap cat when he wants to be, but don't expect to hold a Chausie for more than 15-20 seconds. Did I mention how they love water??  Leena not so much, but Cougar on the other hand can't stay out of the sink while I'm doing dishes. It's fun.
You may need to "Cat proof" your house, they love to chew first, then sniff around after the damage is done. They will also shread carpet in a heartbeat. So make sure they have plenty of toys and preferably a partner in crime to keep them occupied. The Male Bengal/Male Chausie pairing seems to work for me, although sometimes they try to double team Leena.   My Bengal cat named Chico is awesome! Comes when called and listens so well. But all in all, I think the Chausie will give you all the wild traits that any of the other hybrids will, but for less money. They are known as "The poor man's Savannah", being that Chausies are one of the largest hybrid cat breeds next to the Savannah.
These cats are very much like dogs and the owners should have a somewhat active lifestyle in order to keep up with a them. They bring so much joy and entertainment.

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