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Rescue Chantilly, Quirky but worth it.


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Posted Nov 03, 2015

This Chantilly and my family have a little history when it comes to her adoption.

We first saw her at our local Humane Society and were undecided for quite some time. Then one day she was gone only to be returned a few weeks later. it seems a child in her new family decided that she was a dolly and was playing with her like one. As soon as the Chantilly was back my significant other and I snatched her up.

Her first night was rough. She started bawling, not crying, but bawling as loud as she could in every part of the house. Fortunately that was only the first night. She calmed down after that but also developed some quirks. Only wanting to be pet in the bathroom was one of the weird ones. She would also aggressively protect her stomach.

We later found out that some of her behavior was because one of our roommates was letting her eat his greasy, fatty, buttery food. So for a period of time (too long and too ashamed for me to admit how long) we thought she was just grumpy because of previous abuse. The idea of a constant sour stomach never occurred to us.

When we were finally rid of that roommate and fixed her main issue the change in behavior was night and day. She always vocalized, or used body behavior to indicate her needs but after the food was no longer a problem she wanted to be pet and to sit with us and lay with us that much more.

She still does not like to be picked up, and when she is done being pet she lets us know with a playful slap. A little scary considering the size of her paws but always harmless.

A Chantilly tends to have a preferred person and this one is no different. She avoids new people and if a new person pursues her she will growl, his, and all typical reactions you'd expect from a cat that wants to be left alone.

I really couldn't be happier with her, even if she does poke us in the middle of the night because she wants room made for her on the bed.

When she wants to be left alone, she wants to be left alone, but when she is affectionate you would swear she was a kitten again. I can usually coax some affection out of her when i grab her brush. Her thick coat usually needs a going over about once a day.

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