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Vacationing in France


876, Jamaica

Posted Apr 03, 2016

So in my second year in high school, my dad took me to Europe. I visited England, Spain and finally, France. In France, i stayed in a massive house with a pool, a forest and a horse outside. Inside, was cable for days, a number of rooms and the cat, Miss Pussah. The first night i slept there, Miss Pussah entered my room and curled up on the pillow above my head, wagging her tail against my nose. When i first met Miss Pussah, she exuded this energy of ownership of the house and everything inside it. The next morning when i woke up, i made her breakfast and my dad told me to carry her dish to HER seat at the table. I watched in astonishment as the cat jumped to her chair and waited on me patiently for her royal treatment. That morning, we had cereal while she had tuna. During my stay, i wasn't able to enjoy much besides the pool. While watching cartoons one day, Miss Pussah jumps on the couch and changes the channel to an animal program. I was impressed with her intelligence because she was able to do this multiple times during my stay, but whenever i tried to change it back, she would deflect my hand with her tail. At first her intelligence was amusing, but after a while her habits became annoying. So one day while watching television and she approached me to change the channel, i turned the television off and spoke to her in the hopes that she'd understand and we'd come to a compromise. She understood. From that day, she stopped scratching my pillow when i tried to sleep and we watched my programs at times and hers at times, she also liked watching the news. The only real issue which arose was the bathroom usage, because as you can imagine, she was well above using a litter box. Let's just say we had conflicting bathroom schedules. All in all, taking care of her for the time that i did was very enjoyable and it taught me a lot. To this day, whenever i tell people about her place at the dining table, they still don't believe me. I love Miss Pussah, miss her dearly and look forward to seeing her again soon.

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