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My First Rescue


United States

Posted Feb 13, 2016

Piper was a surprise, to say the least. At the time, we only had one cat, who was very sweet, and two dogs. I had been staying with my grandparents when my friend came down the road with a cat in her hands and tears in her eyes, and told me that her parents planned on shooting the cat if they couldn’t get rid of it. Naturally, my ten-year-old heart couldn’t handle this, and that’s how I got Piper.

When I got her home, we realized that not only was she covered in fleas, but her fur was matted in places, and there were scars littering her body. She hated being touched, but warmed up to me quickly – she would lay by me but only allow me to pet the top of her head. Petting her anywhere else got me bit. It was clear to see that she’d not had a good life, and I think that impacted her personality greatly.

She struggled to get along with my first cat and my two dogs. She struggled to get along with my parents and my little brother. She certainly wasn’t the friendliest cat, but from the way she had been treated, it was understandable. It helped that she would curl up next to me when I slept, and would purr when she wanted to be pet (only the top of her head, of course).

Slowly but surely, her true personality began to emerge, and it was wonderful to watch. Piper began to purr more, especially when she wanted food. She was a little demanding – there couldn’t be a spot in the food bowl that was empty, or she would panic and wake everyone in the house up at three in the morning. She would vocalize loudly at any given time, and would carry conversations on with us. She became attached to me, searching me out. Of all of us, she was definitely my cat.

As Piper’s gotten older, she’s evened out a little bit – it’s like she began to realize that we weren’t going anywhere, we weren’t going to hurt her, and we loved her very much. She gets along much better with the cats now, as well as with the aging dog, and with the people in the house as well. She’s not as panicked about food anymore, and she allows us to pet her back and her tail as well as her head now. She’s a very vocal cat – very much a princess – but I wouldn’t have her any other way. I love to talk to her.

One thing that’s been absolutely wonderful about Piper is that she’s a very healthy cat. We’ve only had to take her to the vet for anything other than a check-up a handful of times. While she occasionally catches colds, she is still very active and loving (as loving as Piper can be, anyway) as she’s getting on in years. She loves to play with the little cat-fishing-rod things, and I love to play with her. I’m so glad I got the chance to rescue her!

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