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25000, France

Posted Jul 05, 2016

I got Milva from a breeder's nephew, who got her before knowing her peculiar sides, let's say. He tried to make it work, but sometimes there's nothing you can do. In the end, he had to give her away and I was the lucky one to answer.

That's how I got, for less than two bucks, this wonderful panther-looking creature, with her pterodactyl voice, her allergic sneezing all over the place, and her constant need for love. I was only a poor student then, and she bravely followed be through all my adventures, never complaining or arguing, always in a good mood and ready for a walk. I walk her on a leash, like a dog. Later, you will understand why.

She has an interesting vocal range, to do her justice. She can do the baby bird, the goat, the creaking door, and even imitate certain human words like "Mururoa" or "Jawohl". She's not especially bright, but I've never seen an animal more in love with its bipedal companions, and she's too much fun to have around : no way to get bored with her incoherent behaviours. Very close to us, she likes to watch us work - or sit, or sleep on our work - and have a talk when bored, just for fun. She however doesn't play, per se : she remains unresponsive when I agitate something above her nose, or throw a ball. She just likes to be called and go where I point, for example to walk on a small wall on command (she's not that great with trees, more bear-like in this regard.)

For a time, she wanted to drink from the tap, but was too lazy to learn how to open it ; that's lucky, because she would never have figured out how to close it afterwards. She tends to cry and look for me like a baby whenever something doesn't work the way she likes it. For example, when we walk, she looks at me with surprise when it begins raining, and does protest a little when there's a storm outside, like I was the one making all this noise. She has a certain habit of licking plastic bags, eating lots of grass, not knowing what we eat is food (so no stealing, which is appreciable) and doesn't always see the walls when she runs. She has no reaction but compulsive, loud purring when you hold her, even if you're not so skilled at it.

Her biggest trait is her relationship with the rest of the animal world. I saw her, with my own eyes, sit on a dead bird without remarking its presence, and she hissed at a small black dog behind a fence like she would normally do with a cat. Cats are her worst enemies, she hates them on sight and would chase them literaly around the block, ignoring the trafic and other dangers, if I didn't walk her on a leash - unless they have a very little voice. Then she believes they are kittens and just ignores them. That's how I could get my second cat without a fight (but it will be for another story !)

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