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Bengal tiger


16000, Czech Republic

Posted Mar 05, 2016

After 15 years of owning a domestic cats, this is the first cat, that really changed our lives. Bengal cat does not get accustomed to you, but you have to get accustomed to it. It is not an average house cat, it is a predator, a beast...

It keeps running round the apartment and scratching floor, wooden columns and kitchen counter. You cant left anything standing close to table, bed, kitchen counter, etc. edge, because you bengal will throw it off. And when it starts hunting, you have to move your legs very slowly, or it better stay where you are, and wait for 1 hour, until your bengals hunting season ends. And when you yell at somebody, be sure that your bengal will come, decide who is guilty and start attacking to him.... But then, when your bengal finishes its daily rutine, it will turn into a total sweetheart. It will allways sleep with you, "help" you cooking by standing by you, sit with you when watching television, sit next to you on table when you are working... And be sure it will start licking your face when you are sleeping.

Our bengal cat is extremly cleanly, it spends much more time cleaning itself than any domestic cat we had before. And it is really, really smart. It allways knows what do we have in a fridge, it knows how to open doors, even that doors from fridge. It knows when we usualy come home and when we are late, it starts biting us. When a housecleaner comes to our house, our bengal cat keeps watching that stranger until he left.

Aaaand finaly: The biggest con for us is that our bengal hate dogs. It is not afraid of dogs, but it fight with dogs...

So.. I recommend this cat for everyone who wants special cat, who wants a little tiger. You have to live in country or have a big appartment, because bengal love to run. But thats everything you need. You do not have to buy any cat houses, cat toys or stuff like that, your bengal will ignore that :) And last thing: Bangals love kids :)

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