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Posted Feb 13, 2016

When I first encountered this Bengal, he belonged to a friend of mine who was fostering a litter of kittens; one of which I was to adopt. Because of this I would frequent his home to check on my future kitten and I would always be greeted by this beautiful Bengal!

Some time later I heard word that this same friend was looking for a home for his Bengal and I approached him about it. He let me know that he was working way too much and that he simply did not have the time for his two cats and they needed a safe, loving home where they would get a lot of attention.

When I went to pick up the Bengal and his other cat, my friend was showing me something in the backyard and I heard a horrible wailing noise that I couldn't immediately identify. My friend informed me that it was the Bengal; he was crying for attention.

Not much has changed since bringing him home. Sirius Black as I named him, loves human presence. His favorite place to be is cuddled up near myself or my boyfriend. He does have an odd trait that I've never seen in any of my other cats, and that is he suckles on his own tail. He will circle near myself or my boyfriend a few times, then sit with his tail tucked underneath him, pulling it forward, then he suckles his tail. I cannot tell if this is because he was taken from his mom too soon, if this is a coping mechanism, or something else. He does purr and appear to be very happy when doing this, and it doesn't bother anyone so we haven't tried to stop it.

He is extremely vocal and will be the first of my cats to let me know that there is a bald spot in the food dish, the cats are not getting along, or perhaps that he wishes for my company. Sometimes I think he really just likes to hear himself speak.

While my other shorthair cats do shed, my Bengal does not appear to shed or need grooming as any other cat I've ever had does. He also took to my two large size dogs very easily, as if he was a dog himself. The dogs were more unsure of him than he was of them. Now he regularly lies with the dogs and plays with them. He plays more like a dog, playing fetch with a ball than he does like a cat. He has one cat toy that makes him play like a traditional cat does, and it's a sparkly ball.

The biggest negative to this cat is not something that I am sure is because of his breed or his sex. He is neutered and his previous owner claims that he never sprayed, however; I have found that if he finds any soft item on the ground (i.e. clothes or pillows) he will urinate on them. He doesn't mark the walls or territories, only soft items left on the ground. Needless to say this has helped me keep my laundry pile very small, and out of the way of the cats-Sirius in particular.

He is extremely friendly with humans both adults and children alike and is usually of the first to make it to the door to do a meet and greet. Sirius appears highly intelligent and I could nearly swear that he understands me. That or I am spending too much time with my cats. I'm super happy with Sirius, he is a joy to have, and his breed has been a fun one to experience.

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