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Territorial Bengal


Idaho, United States

Posted Feb 06, 2013

I lived with a friend for over a year who owned a male Bengal cat named Malachy. He was very sweet, but then could also quickly become tempermental. For example he'd let you hold him and cuddle him, but after a few minutes he'd decide that he'd had enough and would scurry to get off your lap. You'd have to be careful when he did this because his claws never retract, even when he's happy so he easily scratches people even when he doesn't intend to.

He's excessively lazy and so has a weight problem, but that is also due to the fact that he loves to gorge himself on food. He'll even try to be affectionate in order to lure you to give him food.

At the time I lived there he hated my male cat, so if I gave my cat attention and then tried to pet Malachy he'd have a fit. One time he actually clubbed me in the head with his paw when I was only holding him and he was acting quite tame and lovey. I guess that was a ruse because, ironically, as soon as I said I loved him, he whacked me upside the head. So, obviously a very tempermental and territorial cat. He also got upset at my friend's female cat if she was even taken to the vet. He'd growl at her and try to attack her for a day or two, supposedly because he didn't like the smells on her. Then he'd remember who she was after a few days and just ignore her.

I'd like to note that Malachy also loved me and would lay on my bed at night when I lived there until I brought my cat there. That is when he somewhat changed his opinion. Definitely the kind of cat that would flourish in a one cat/one animal home so he gets all your love. I think that would definitely keep him more on the affectionate side that he has. If you're not feeling well he also will sense it and curl up with you and does like when you hug him or lay your head on his tummy.

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