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The Affectionate Rag Doll


2195, South Africa

Posted Mar 31, 2014

Casper broke all the rules when it came to appropriate cat behaviour. Cats are expected to be proud and aloof as they watch their owners frantically scramble around trying to make them happy. The look of a cat haughtily says "Does it look like I care?"

And then you get Casper.

Casper was beautiful to look at and to touch. His fur was so soft it literally felt like liquid running through your fingers. Only problem was that this gorgeous fur didn't stay on his body, but rather wormed its way into your nose, eyes and mouth. By the end of any stroking session you would have to take a shower to clear yourself of those ticklish monsters. Yet, it was completely worth it. Casper was so loving that he would literally start purring the moment you LOOKED at him. He would slowly blink his eyes at you and wait for you to envelop him in love. As soon as you laid a hand on him he would be all over you, roaring with a purr that came from the depths of his heart. Then, and this is where the rag doll comes in, if you chose to pick him up, he would just collapse in your arms. While other cats may squirm and push you away like you have some fatal disease, Casper would relax into your arms and allow you to hold him anyway you wished - no position was too demeaning. Children loved Casper and he loved them.

Now, you may think that Casper is the ultimate exception to all the rules, but then I met another Balinese. This Balinese would swipe at me anytime I tried to walk away from a stroking session. He would also cry out to be loved and his purr also came from the depths of his heart. Perhaps the inherent trait of all Balinese cats is to be a bit of a slut.

Casper loved being loved so much that he would insist on waking his chosen victim up at 4am every morning. The wake up call would begin with a few harmless purrs, but after a few minutes it would have quickly escalated to a full on attack of head-butting. If it wasn't the purring and head-butting that woke you, it would be the fur in your nose that did it. And if you tried to hide under the blankets... a paw would worm its way under the covers and begin its onslaught. There was no escape.

Not even dogs were safe. Casper would eagerly stroll up to any dog that kept still long enough and rub his lean body against their legs. His tail would curl around the snout of the poor victim until it was sent into a sneezing fit. Take note: this cat is not allergy friendly.

Ironically, Casper's absolute best friend (these two were inseparable) was an extremely shy Havana Brown who would run away at the slightest provocation. The ultimate proof that opposites attract. These two would always either be found curled around each other asleep, or giving each other a good clean.

Casper was the easiest cat to keep beautiful and happy. With the right food, his coat took care of itself, and with a family of four children, this cat was never left wanting. He most definitely bonded to my mother the most - she was his queen - but he never rejected anyone wanting to love him. For someone who wants a more independent cat, a Balinese is not for you. This is the type of cat that is an intimate part of the family. He sleeps on your lap while you watch tv, naps next to you while you read a book, follows you into the bathroom and sleeps on your head at night (yes, on your head).

For those families that can offer endless adoration, you will make any Balinese very happy and they will return the favour. For those individuals who need a cat to take care of their own needs, this should not be your future baby.

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