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Baguira - Friendly stray who hated to see me sad and was obsessed with food


Victoria, Australia

Posted Nov 03, 2014

Baguira was my only experience with an Australian Mist, but if I was to get another cat, an Australian Mist would be my first choice. She came into my life as a stray, a skinny little bag of bones who was always hungry. After a good feed and a vet check up, she was identified as an Australian Mist and her expressive personality began to shine.

The good - my Australian Mist was, in many aspects, more like a dog. No haughty, disinterested madam, she lived to please and enjoyed nothing more than playing with her owners. If she ever saw anyone crying she would climb onto their lap and nuzzle them until they stopped - she even did this once with a 2 year old who had been tormenting her all day. An extremely healthy cat, we never had any vet visits beyond the standard check ups. She was also very fastidious with regards to litter trays - I think she would have let her kidneys burst before she ever had an accident in the house.

The not so good - possibly due to her experience as a stray (but possibly not) this cat had a life long obsession with food. A single shake of a dry food bag could bring her running from wherever she was sleeping or playing. Whilst I carefully monitored her food intake, when I moved and couldn't take her with me she went to new owners, who showered her with both love and food. The end result is that today she more closely resembles Garfield than the sleek little cat I had. Her one irritating habit was a tendency to suck on her tail when content, much like a baby sucking her thumb. She'd purr and purr whilst sucking on the tip, and this would leave a wet patch on whatever surface she was sitting on (more often than not, my bed or the couch).

In summary - Australian Mist cats are friendly, affectionate, capable of being well trained and generally healthy. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a family pet that requires little in the way of grooming. They are very social creatures, however, so expect them to want to be cuddled and played with.

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