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I have a problem with my Arabian Mau


Posted Feb 22, 2012

Hi everybody!
As a cat lover, I sometimes comes accross heartbreaking situations in the UAE, when I see needy street cats.
I rescued Suki in June 2011, she was hiding under my car, she has cat's flue and a big scar.
A few weeks of good treatments and she was a healthy and active cat :-)
I tried to have her adopted, since I did not plan to have a cat at that time (I already had one!)
Since it was summer and I could'nt find anybody to adopt her, I decided to keep her.

Since then, I'm quite confused how to deal with the cat. I've always been used to friendly cats you can pet for hours, and I'm now facing a difficult situation to handle: Suki always bites and scratches me. Since she's with us, I've always had scars and scratches on my hands and legs. I'm now feeling very sad about the situation. I took her to the vet, to make sure she's healthy, it's only a behavior problem. I even spoke to a dog/cat trainer, who advised me not to pet her anymore, which I tried but still without results.
Suki would come near me, purring and meowing as if she wanted to be petted, and a minute after she bites so strong!
She's also a very loud and active cat, and we live in a very small appartment, which can cause problems.
But the excessive meowing is not a problem for me, it's just the agressivity that I cannot handle.
My husband and I are considering having kids in the coming year, and I can easily imagine the cat will bite and claw the kid...
I'm very sad about this situation, as I do not wish to abandon the cat in the streets, but I feel I cannot handle this situation anymore. I'm a true cat lover and I'm trying hard to make things easier, but it's not been successful so far.

I know there are Arabian Mau lovers on this website, maybe there's someone here ready to adopt her, knowing it's a challenging cat and not having young kids.
It's again a heartbreaking situation for me, I wish someone could help me!

Thanks a lot

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