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Arabian Mau in Dubai - Looking for her brothers/sisters


Posted Jan 24, 2012

Plus:- My cat stays by herself in our flat and she is able to occupy herself during the day. She chirps to herself when the pigeons come to visit. She plays with her toys and she likes to fetch and play with long items e.g. things on a string etc. Her favorite toy is a small teddy on a piece of ribbon. She greets me when I enter the door and she allows me to pick her pick and cuddle her. But this must be on her own terms. She is an independent cat who bonded with me and nobody else in the family. That was actually a plus because my husband doesn't like cats. If this kind of cat bonds with you, you will end up having a spa. She'll lick up, prune your hair and she'll even sit on your knee and fall asleep. If you likes you:)
Negative:- If I don't play with her she sometimes lightly bites me on my shoulder if I am lying down in bed, or lightly bites my ankles if I am watching television. She has on occasion scratched me when I haven't understood her. In other words it was my fault that she did it. She has a fairly low tolerance for stroking and if you do it too much she will scratch. It must be on her terms. She also doesn't like being picked up and grabbed. Once when you come in the house, it's fine, but no more. This kind of cat doesn't like strangers or visitors to the house and I wouldn't trust her with a baby. But other than that...
I found her in the sreet next to a bus stop at the beginning to Sk Zayed Road in Dubai. I couldn't find her family so I can only imagine she was abandoned by a human. She bonded with me from the 1st moment and I became her mother. I fed her with milk and she became a really healthy cat. I would like to find her parents, brothers and sisters.
If you are living in Dubai, do you know of anybody who dumped some kittens near a bus stop on/at the beginning of Sk Zayed Road around 31st August 2010. I would like to find her family and reunite her with her family.

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