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Arabian Mau - smart and conversational


31311, Saudi Arabia

Posted Mar 24, 2013

We're American expats, living in Saudi Arabia. We adopted a rescue Arabian Mau, and he has been an absolute joy to us. He is loving, affectionate, independent, inquisitive, and very trusting of people. His fur is so short and plush, and there is rarely any cat hair to vacuum. He is fastidious about his litter box and has never, ever had an accident or intentional deposit elsewhere in the house. I have had several rescue cats in the US over 20 years, and have found this Arabian Mau to be far superior in intelligence and interactiveness than my other cats. He will hold a conversation with you, and sometimes he starts it! The meow is definitely different. Much deeper, more yowly and monotone, but we've grown used to it. If you say his name or talk to him, he will answer until one of us breaks the conversation, it is so hilarious. He responds to four variants of his name, and follows me to every corner of the house to see what I am doing. If he thinks I'm upstairs, I'll hear a "Merrrawwh?" from the bottom of the stairs, as he inquires to my whereabouts, and soon dashes up to find me. He is equally at ease with small children and adults. Since I stay at home all day and I'm his primary caregiver, he is more bonded with me, but he is very loving of the other family members, too, and also seeks their companionship. This breed is a bit on the wilder side, and he's a biter. We haven't been able to curb that, so we try to avoid overstimulating him. A blow of air on his head will startle him out of a bite. Same thing with muckling on with his claws. You'd be amazed at how high these cats can jump from a dead standstill. Six to eight feet with ease, like they're flying. Definitely a cat that needs play stimulation. Ours is indoors, but most people have them indoor/outdoor here. They go feral fast, and survive surprisingly well in the arid desert climate. Well, obviously, LOL, if they've been around for 1,000 years! Their look isn't the absolutely most gorgeous look, but our cat, like many other people's, looks beautiful in our eyes. Their back legs are longer than the front, and the feet aren't Cinderella pretty. In fact, they look more like a hare's feet, if you ask me. We joke about his humped nose, which is distinctive. I highly recommend this cat for families. They are loyal and trusting, and very low maintenance. We plan to take our Mau with us when we leave the Kingdom. He's a permanent member of the family now.

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