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India Inkbottom and How She Got Her Name


Gardner, Kansas, United States

Posted Dec 01, 2012

I was not on the lookout for another pet. I had told people for a year or more that I was up to my eyeballs in fur, and did not need any added fur. Of course, life doesn’t work like that. A friend posted on FaceBook about 2 kittens who were abandoned near his farm, outside Lawrence, KS. One was a gray male, the other a black female. The gray was quickly spoken for, but the black was in need of a home. I have a weakness for black cats, as they have been the most personable cats I have owned over the years.

The friend and I met up, and I got to meet the kittens. Both loved to be outside, and were as outgoing and as friendly as could be. Neither appeared to have been neglected or abused in any way, although they were a little on the thin side. I was told they had been a little grubby, and the gray was covered in burrs, when they were found in the barn at the farm. Both also ate like there was no tomorrow when first found, and were very thirsty. However, since their rescue, they seemed fine.

I played with the kittens in the yard for a while, then in the house. They loved the laser pointer, like any self respecting cat would. They wore out, and found their sleeping places after about an hour. The black kitten’s spot was to flop down in the middle of the floor, stretch out into a black furry speed bump, and go to sleep. I was hooked, and arranged to pick her up the next weekend, when her brother was also leaving for his new home.

Once back at my house with the kitten, I got her set up in my office as the transitional room. I made all the necessary vet check appointments, played with her, told the other cats and the dog about her, and we continued like this for a couple of days. I came home from work one day midweek, just before the kitten’s vet appointment, and found quite a mess in the office.

It seems I had a paint palette with black India ink in it, from a project, and the ink was still wet. Black kitten, never able to leave a mystery unsolved, had walked in the ink, and then from the looks of things, sat in the ink. There were, and still are, black kitten footprints all over my desk, and more than one black kitten bottom-print, as well. Kitten was immediately named India Inkbottom, due to the incriminating evidence on her behind.

India has integrated wonderfully into my household, ruling the roost with all but the Grumpy Old Man Gio. She is quite an escape artist, and I have had to chase her around outside more than once already when she slipped out at doggie bathroom time. She has gotten herself locked into three closets, because it is very hard to see a solid black cat in a dark closet, especially when they sneak in silently. She is very talkative, although she will often talk by making “mewp” sounds, or opening her mouth as if to talk, but then making no sound. She also purrs like an outboard boat motor, and as often as not, that is how I find her. She is into everything, especially things she shouldn’t be into, and is as adorable as a 6 month old can be.

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