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Tennessee, United States

Posted Nov 21, 2012

We found Skeeter while on a picnic in the park. She was young, barely weened from her mother, and she sort of crawled up to our table and attempted to eat the meat from the chicken leg that my dad had in his hand. He too to her immediately, and even offered her his camouflage hat to sleep in, which she did after eating.

It wasn't much later after she came home that we discovered I was allergic to cats. Rather than to find her another home, however, I just closed the door to my room and didn't interact with her like my parents did. She was clearly a daddy's girl, spending all of her time with my father when he was home from work. For some reason, though, because I did not associate with her, she must have taken to the idea that I did not like her. She was a bit mean when it came to interactions with me, and would bat the air at me from across the room, daring me to come near her. Sometimes she would purr so loud when dad petted her that you could hear her downstairs, but she would hiss if anyone tried to take his attention away from her.

She got HUGE, not obese or overweight, just BIG. Clearly she thought that she ruled the house.

Skeeter would sit at the top of the door and wait until you went through it, then she would jump on you with her full weight and run off. I got into the habit of checking doors every time I needed to go through them, but she still managed to get me from time to time.

One day she just ran off and never came back. She never liked to be outdoors, so this was odd for me at the time. My mom said she had probably ran off to die. I guess pets do that sometimes. Sometime later, I was told that my dad found her - dead as we assumed, but he buried her and didn't say anything to me about it when he did.

Cats of this type like to socialize, but only on their terms. When they want privacy, give it to them, especially when they have to eliminate. Never, ever, ever walk in on your cat when it is trying to relieve itself, you are just asking for trouble then.

In short, she didn't shed too much, and was easy to care for.. as long as you don't mind admitting that she owns the house, and you.

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