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Massachusetts, United States

Posted Nov 04, 2012

Since one of these particular cats strayed up to our doorstep, we've had a litter living outside of our house. It was unintentional at first - a sick cat came to us, we've felt sorry for it, so we fed it. Lesson learned! Unless you want to KEEP a cat, do not feed it!

A few weeks after, the cat (who we had named Fuzzy) had a litter of kittens... on our porch. From then on, the porch was the cat's domain. Soon we gave in, bought some bags of cat food, and accepted that we had adopted new pets. Some 15+ years down the road, here we are, with a whole generation of cats having lived outside of our house.

They are friendly enough with our dogs and the kids, but they're not completely keen on being picked up and carried around (it really depends on the cat). We do try to catch the females every so often and get them fixed to try and lessen the population, and I'm happy to say that we've gotten the litter size under control. There was one point where we had over 15 cats living outside! Needless to say that wasn't acceptable, and we managed to give some to our friends and family, as well as spay and neuter those that would allow us to pick them up.

It's been an amazing experience, and even though they've become overbearing at times, we love each cat individually and completely. Now that we've brought the population down to about 5 cats, we are very happy to own them. Beware if you are moving to the country, or if you already live there and a cat comes to your door. If you feed it, it will return... and eventually decide to live with you.

I included a few pictures. The first is of an escape artist cat who decided he wanted to see what it looked like inside our house. Bad idea! He became so terrified he curled up on top of our doorway and wouldn't come down! The second is of a kitten who found a cup of my sister's terribly interesting, and the last is of one of the older kittens right next to the porch.

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