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My Furry Roommate


Louisville, Kentucky, United States

Posted Oct 27, 2016

Ginger is old. 18 years old, to be exact, which translates to 88 in human years. Ginger has been my constant companion since I was a little girl - I vividly remember her standing on her hind legs and leaning up against me from the toilet lid while I brushed my teeth in the mornings before elementary school. She eventually followed me to college, my first "grown-up" job, and is still a constant fixture at the end of my bed as I look forward to starting my own family.

Ginger loves to talk. She has built her own vocabulary based upon meows of different tones and lengths. A long meow of moderate harshness is a request for food. A small sweet meow is an invitation to snuggle. An ear-shattering wail from another room means, "Please help, I've walked into this room and forgotten where I am." Ginger is social, and she's happiest when tucked into the corner of a family gathering. She'll survey the room with her eyes half-closed, and occasionally round on willing family members for a pet or two. Ginger does well with children and the elderly alike, and we've never had issue with her being aggressive. She's a little tentative when it comes to our 70 pound dog, but she'll still cohabitate if necessary.

Ginger is a largely self-sufficient pet. She requires no grooming and minimal litter box cleaning. Ginger sleeps most of the day, and will seek out family members if she wants attention. I recently started feeding her a high-quality grain-free wet food because I noticed she was throwing up frequently (above and beyond typical kitty hairballs). Her mood changed tremendously within a couple of days, and she's now a more peaceful, less nauseous companion.

Ginger has suffered my imaginary games in childhood, curled up with me during teenage heartbreaks, warmed a lonely first apartment in a big city, and still greets me with her optimistic "Mrrow!" every morning. She is a beautiful testament to consistent companionship, and I'm so glad we've shared our lives together. Cats make a house a home, and I will never live without a furry roommate.

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