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Review of an American Shorthair Cat


New York, United States

Posted Aug 07, 2012

Chase is the best cat I have ever owned, and over the years I have owned many! Chase is a white and tiger-striped cat with yellow-green eyes. Most cats I have owned have been American/Domestic Shorthaired. I find these cats to be very loveable, and they tend to easily get along well with other animals as long as they are introduced slowly and carefully. Chase in particular has always gotten along well with other animals and all people, including children. Cats that are treated well and raised around children and other animals will do well with this. Chase has some health problems now that he is older, including kidney problems. According to my vet, this is one of the most common health problem for indoors-only house cats, and most of these cats die of kidney failure. With Chase, I was luckily able to discover his kidney problems early since I knew what to look for. I take him to the vet regularly and give him the medications he needs everyday, and he continues to be healthy and fairly active (as far as cats go, since they mostly sleep all day!). The key with cats is to keep them up-to-date on shots, take them to the vet regularly, watch them carefully for early signs of health issues, and most importantly, keep them indoors-only. This will give your pet cat the healthiest, longest life possible in my opinion. Adopting a kitten makes the process easier, as you can train them fairly easily early on in life. Many of my cats fetch toys that are thrown and bring them back to me, just like dogs do! None of my current cats are destructive, although I have had cats that liked to scratch furniture. There are many remedies to prevent destructive behaviors in cats; the most common sense remedy is to provide plenty of cat-appropriate scratching posts, cat furniture and toys to occupy cats during the day. Cats are relatively in expensive to feed and easy to care for, and provide a lot of enjoyment and entertainment (especially if you have more than one!) The typical lifespan of the cats I have owned is between 10 and 20 years.

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