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Earn Your Tiger Stripes!


United States

Posted Jul 10, 2016

Tiger is an American shorthair cat. His coloring is that of an orange spotted tabby with bi-color. He has patches of darker shade of orange rather than the swirls or bars, and is less common than other coloring patterns for the tabby. Approximately, 80% of those tabbies with orange coloration are males. It’s an X-linked gene in that either they have inherited the X from their mom with the gene on it or they haven’t. This shorthair loves being around people and loves to cuddle. He loves the attention but only to a certain point. Right around 6 or 7 pm, in between the kids’ bathtime and bedtime, he usually decides he’s done with people and finds a place to hide.
After the kids are in their bed, he’ll climb up into bed and cuddle with whoever’s bed is the warmest. His bed of preference is the master bed, especially the spot at the footboard. Cats are naturally nocturnal so we trained him to sleep at night with us. Fortunately we received him as just weaned from mom cat, and it was during the middle of Spring of Summer that we spent a lot of time for the cat’s circadian rhythms to match with ours.
How we did that wasn’t easy. We would have to continue to wake him up during the day whenever he’d tried to sleep or catnap, and then he’d be so tired that he’d sleep through most of the night. He didn’t really want to have this training at first. But, we had the whole summer to work with him and in the long run, it ended up being better for us. It was better for us so he wouldn’t keep us up all night.
Something that this particular cat really enjoyed is watching animal TV. Notice in the included photos, how carefully he's watching the big cats like the lions on the screen in front of him. He’s really engaged with the action on the screen. The show was called “The Cat’s Meow”.

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