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Posted Jun 08, 2016

Tequila’s picture screamed out to me as I was surfing petfinder. Here was a tiny kitten whose whiskers had been burned off and was missing the tip of her tail. I knew immediately that she was mine. She had been found in an alley eating out of garbage cans and was no more than 6 weeks old. I contacted the shelter about an hour and a half from my town and told her I wanted to adopt Tequila (their name, not mine) I had been told that tortoise shelled cats were spunky. Little did I know?

She was going to be at an adoption event at a Petco in a town 2 hours away, but I was unphased. I drove over on Saturday and got there before they even arrived. I ended up helping them unload their van and got my first look at the kitten. She was adorable. I pulled her out of the carrier and she gave me a little meow as if to say hi, then started purring so loud it was too difficult to hear anything but the kitty curled up by my ear. To me, this was the music of life.

It took about 5 minutes to fill out the paperwork and pay their fee. I put her in a crate I had brought along. and headed to the van. By the time we got to the highway she was snuggled up in the carrier on the blanket, feeling safe.

When we got home, she ate some kitten food and then went about exploring, there would be no sanctuary room for this one. She was bold and adventurous. I had to think about a different name for her. I was a teacher and I often wrote about my pets and shared the material in writing classes. I went from Tequila Tortoise-shell Tortie Tortilla then Tia.

Tia was exploring her new home and kept running back to me as if to make sure I hadn't abandoned her. Over the weeks that followed she never failed to make me laugh. Toilet paper unrolled and properly attacked, figuring how to open by-fold doors, pulling my clothes off hangers, and deliberately pushing items off the tables. The one that struck me as hysterical was the day she met me on my return home with an empty Kleenex box stuck on her head. She was weaving uncontrollably, shaking her head to remove the box; she bumped into walls and cabinets before I could rescue her. When I picked her up, she relaxed immediately. I pulled the box off of her head and she promptly swatted it several times with her paw and pushed it out of my hand as if to warn the box against doing that again.

She is the only cat I have ever heard make a noise when she farted. I came home one day from work and picked her up and cradled her like a baby on her back in my arm. With the other hand, I started tickling her belly and suddenly I heard a loud raspberry from her hind end. I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face.

Tia is a spunky troublemaker. She will walk up to one of the other animals; haul off slap them in the head and runs. They usually chase her, especially the dogs. You can almost hear her laugh.

She has been the alpha cat in the house since day one.

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