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725300, Romania

Posted May 17, 2016

Mrs. Beauty is the oldest cat we currently own. She's 7 years old, and she's the fattest and laziest cat we have ever owned. Back in 2012 when she was still quite young she has proven she's quite the hunter, catching anything that was smaller than her. This ended up being a huge flaw since one day she killed 20 chicken from our neighbor. She did it just for the sport, but the neighbor wanted her dead, so we did the only logical thing, we took her to grandma's. There, once out of the car she got scared and ran into the woods (My grandma lives at the farthest cabin in the woods). A few hours later it started raining, and me and my grandparents were looking for her. Then I heard her poor little scared and cold meow, and I called her slowly. She recognized me and ran at me and jumped in my lap. She was so cold and wet so I took her inside where she sat next to the fire and drank milk and ate cat food until she felt comfortable. After that my grandma kept her in the cabin for a couple more weeks until she grew attached to my grandparents. Now, she is 7 years old, incredibly fat and incredibly happy. She always begs you to pet her, but she doesn't go after you, she just makes noises and purrs until you go at her and pet her. About pros, I believe the biggest pro about this race is the fact that they are incredibly friendly with the owners. She literally allows anyone to pet her as long as they don't lift her up, she hates that. The cat grooms herself and she doesn't require much attention outside giving her a good meal once every a couple of hours. About the cons, I believe their hunting spirit is a bit too strong. She'd hunt everything that moved, including us sometimes (she'd jump out and bite us then run away), but that was when she was younger, now that she's older she just sits around and eats, which made her incredibly round.

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