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Pennsylvania, United States

Posted May 08, 2016

Simba and Daegon are sisters who my husband received from a friend around the same time we started dating ten years ago. He is a "cat person" who wanted their companionship. He also wanted to get siblings so that they could grow up and play together. Since he got them as kittens, they were rightfully very active. However, he actually stopped dating me for a little while, because he didn't think the cats were ready to be around other people!

Fortunately, that passed, and I've had joys and annoyances with them over the years.

Here's some of the gross-out stuff, so skip this paragraph if you're reading this on your lunch break. Daegon vomits at least once a day. She makes a sort of gagging sound 3 or 4 times, then vomits a log of food and cat hair. It's super-gross and if my husband's not home, I put a paper towel over it and make him clean it up later. Another gross thing is that Simba doesn't like to do number 2 in the litter boxes. We have three boxes in the basement, and they're scooped everyday, but she just refuses. I have to warn guests.

Not gross, but a little disappointing, the cats have never been very affectionate toward me. I'd love a cat that sat in my lap, rested its head on my chest, or snuggled with me during a movie. BUT, Simba has recently gotten better about this as she's gotten older. She'll sit next to me while I'm reading and let me pet her.

One other noteworthy, kinda bummer thing, is that some nights they do what we call "Cat Olympics." No idea why, but they run full speed through our hallway, climb up and down the staircase, or do other strange and noisy things.

Having said all that, if we were going to have any type of cat, I'm glad we have this breed. I'm also allergic to them, but they groom themselves pretty well. Daegon is obese, so she has trouble reaching her behind, and I'd love it if my husband brushed her more, but I'm not going to nag him. Simba is very small, like a kitten, and it makes her cute.

We did decide that when it comes time to add new cats to the family, that we'll adopt an older cat. Hopefully they'll be more chill and affectionate.

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