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Jinx Cat, A Constant Through Twenty years Of Change


Posted Jun 11, 2012

When I got Jinx, she was the last one born, the runt of the litter, and all but ignored by her mother. As soon as she was weaned over 20 years ago, I brought her home with me where she has remained my one constant throughout the years.
She takes things in stride, as most domestic shorthairs do. She is calm and even tempered, considering everything within her world with a silent wisdom. She has never clawed a human, though a dog nose getting a bit too close and personal with her will earn a good swipe. She has tolerated many dogs, and outlived several of them. She has seen the birth of my daughter and watched her grow from a tail pulling toddler to a little girl who respects and loves her. From what I have seen, she is a perfect example of what most domestic shorthair cats are; calm, even tempered and tolerant of change as long as she has her family surrounding her.
The shedding is the biggest problem with her, and a lint brush by the front door is a very good idea if you own an american short haired cat. Jinx has a tendancy to show displeasure by peeing on clothing, such as if her litterbox is too full. I counteract this by staying on top of the box with frequent changes. She doesn't claw furniture or drapes, like some cats do, and overall is not destructive by nature. She deosn't claw or bite humans and becomes tolerant of dogs once they get used to her and stop chasing her.
Jinx is over 20, and we are looking ahead to a future without her, although she is still very healthy and active. As a family, we are undecided as to whether to get another cat or not. Life without our Jinx will be rather empty and boring, though, so I suspect we will be adopting another domestic shorthair cat when she leaves us. She has given us a long time of loyalty and love; if only it were possible she could give us 20 more.

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